A SECRET by Desirae Lee

A secret…

lay festering underneath her skin

it crawled slowly up her leg

and shivered down her spine

weaving in and out of her rib cage

itching to creep out

just between her nail beds

rolling around desperately under her eyelids

and pounding for an exit through her bosom


finding release was an unthinkable hazard

if it were to escape into the atmosphere around her

it would become airborne

it would morph into an unavoidable presence

its very essence was overbearing

but uttering a sliver of the truth would pollute her airways

honesty would stifle her hearing

and any minute measurement of integrity, would obscure her vision forever



So a secret…

plagues her identity

a secret kills her personality

but finds a way to birth trees of dishonesty

by planting seeds of manipulation

that produce tempting fruits

and when they become heavy and ripe

she peels off the delicate skin and takes a dangerous bite

of that rotten produce

she gladly eats

unashamed she slurps down every last bite

because she is absolutely starving

mentally, physically, and emotionally deprived

of anything decent or pure


Because A secret…

attacks her mind

that eventually feels like it has slowed down time

it now cripples her speech,

which makes for a great excuse to conceal the truth

it makes statues of her limbs

and develops an overbearing stench

that in no way, shape, form

or any amount of pretty perfume bottles could mask

avoiding the horrific fresh start she dealt with it all.

and it continued

to diminish her confidence in people

all because of what she had to hide

believe me she tried

but trust was an impossible concept to grasp

when you hide secrets from yourself


she had a secret…

the only thing missing

was guilt.