If I ruled the world by B.Neal

I had a dream I woke up and turned on the news

And it didn’t sound like Acapella blues

No war to report no soldiers with wounds

Because they were home in bed instead of sand dunes

I Changed the channel saw my favorite cartoon on

Watching spongebob and Patrick get their buffoon on

Then MTV is actually playing music

No pregnant teens they stick to the blue prints

Finally turned to BET and hear Coretta Scott talk

About a secret album of 2Pac and Biggie

Went outside and it’s not too hot or nippy

The girls that are pretty don’t give out cold shoulders

Their beauty is seen by all the beholders

Dressed up like it’s the end of October

Is this world the dream of a stoner or

A world I could make if I were the owner

A world where music had no inherent colors

So I could have black white brown and yellow brothers

So black dudes could mosh and white girls could twerk

same time same place without going berserk

is that the kind of thing that works

or does it all fall apart when it’s time for church

or does it all fall apart when it’s time to vote

Skin shouldn’t denote the way I see the world

And she shouldn’t have to hear she’s only pretty for a black girl

I thought I could get stronger by doing curls up crunches a

But a 6 pack is no match for 6 lead punches

Is there a such thing as a secular heaven

Where McDonalds serves breakfast 24/7

 my goofy disposition has all but disappeared

So I ‘m the voice of reason nobody hears

I embody all their ambition and all of their fears

This sphere needs a change I’ll do whatever it takes

I’ll break the laws physics and run across lakes

I don’t need anybody telling me how to feel

If Nas wrote bible Then I’ll reinvent the wheel