Next Lifetime Lovers by Desirae Lee

This is for the girl that always made him wonder

Here are the words he didn’t say

Wouldn’t say,

Couldn’t say,

Or he just never found the optimal moment to articulate how tangled up he felt

He was caught up in the anticipation of defeat

To him you were a mystery that just wasn’t meant to be solved

And he wanted to love you more than he knew how

He was reaching for the impossible

Like trying to go straight when you only row on one side


And what would seem to be a back track is that you both are previously attached

But he still craved your presence

Soaked in your very essence

And didn’t take his time falling for you

That ability escaped him when he started listening to your eyes


To the girl he could have loved

You are the daydream that never quite gets old

Your smile is positively unforgettable

He keeps trying to figure out

How could something that never happened

Feel so perfect

How could your body say so much–

When he’s never even felt your head lay on his chest

Or wrapped his hands around the small of your back

Every embrace

Was that one awkward second too long,

but He was sure

in the next lifetime,

They would both hold on forever


And to that girl

Who still doesn’t know the effect she had

Yes you,

That girl who managed to remain oblivious

You are the homecoming queen of his heart

And the reason he finally downloaded that song

You managed to hide your feelings

Even though your laugh secreted signals of seduction

And whenever you were side by side

Good intentions were not enough

Because to entertain temptation

Would be to succumb to heartbreak

He would already ache

From the sight of your palms belonging to anyone but himself


This is for the boy who kept her smiling;

You are the weight that pulls her stomach down to her knees.

And the reason she listens to jazz when it rains

To the boy who managed to make her fumble her words

Because of you she can’t listen to that song without getting flustered

You stay at a distance just past her horizon.

Still visible, but only if she searches for you.

To the boy who stole a kiss.

And gave it back.

You are truly one of a kind.

She keeps you in her thoughts and still remembers your shy smile.

She only had one question for you.

And you walked away leaving with a silent answer.

This is from the girl who should have loved him back