About Us


Jax Youth Poetry Slam, Inc. (formerly Loud Mouth Pens, Inc.), est. 2004, was formed to promote literacy, public awareness and critical thinking in young people through the use of poetry/spoken word, music and visual arts. The purpose of Jax Youth Poetry Slam, Inc. is to serve as an additional educational tool for underprivileged youth. To provide a bridge that will connect their creative and intellectual side. We hope to help the youth acquire a sense of importance and relevance in the world and their community so that they will be able to fully develop and analyze ideas and strategies for self and community expression.

Jax Youth Poetry Slam, Inc. provides opportunities to at risk youth in Jacksonville, Florida. Our workshops are designed to develop critical thinking skills, leadership, and to ignite a personal commitment to growth and learning which leads to heightened in school performance, and a greater interest in pursuing higher education


TeenPicMission Statement 

Our mission is to walk with our Jacksonville youth on a journey of self-discovery through written and performing arts with a focus on strengthening their self-esteem and nurturing their true potential to become an effective means of positive change.


Our vision is to build a community of young leaders who, through self-awareness and enhanced critical thought, help alter the socio-economic pathway constructed for inner-city youth, from one of marginalization toward one of empowerment, tolerance and social responsibility. We promote student-centered learning through active literacy and positive social dialogue across boundaries of age, race gender and culture.

We look to build core competences in youth that are critical, build literacy skills and cultivate literacy, build effective oral and written communication skills through language arts among at risk teens, and inspire children to relate through language.

Jax Youth Poetry Slam (JYPS), Inc. will exist to create a better society for urban youth by promoting literacy, conflict resolution and life skills by using arts such performance poetry, rap music, visual arts, and dance as a vehicles of self-expression used to convey positive outcomes about life and their future.